Women With Agency is a firm commitment to support the growth and development of female-founded business by ensuring they are included on your pitch list.

This simple act will not only expand the repertoire of creative ideas available to your brands and business; it will dissolve the barriers that have kept independent and start-up agencies, as well as valuable female leaders, out of the game.

Behaviour change ensures that the industry evolves at the same pace as society by levelling the play field for all.

When only 1% of global procurement contracts go to female-founded businesses - these paltry numbers and the glacial rate of change for women is incredibly disappointing.

This is a global problem not exclusive to advertising and comms but which needs an immediate resolution.

When we keep 50% of the world from contributing and competing fairly, we also hold off the many economic and social benefits for ourselves.

Women With Agency simply asks that clients lead the way and include female-founded business from our registry lists to pitch for your business during an open pitch - and to let their work, effort and ideas decide the rest. Contact us now!

Women With Agency is ensuring that women-owned business can truly compete in a meritocracy. In the same way that progressive companies recruit 50/50 without gender-bias, lets see pitch procurement policy catch up too.
— Bec Brideson, Women With Agency Founder

Women-owned or female-founder?

If you’re a 100% women-owned business or if you’re 50% founded and run by women with equal levels of power to their peers, then join us so we can create the procurement list. Send us your details, let’s start talking.


Eager to support women-owned business?

If you’re a government agency/body or corporate brand looking to make their procurement policies and opportunities more inclusive and gender-fair then we need to get working together.

Women With Agency is curing procurement.
Contact us now and walk your diversity talk
by committing to gender equality throughout your
business and supplier ecosystem.