MEDIA RELEASE: New Aussie initiative on a mission to reform procurement for female-founded business

Founder of Venus Comms Bec Brideson is excited to announce the launch of her newest project Women With Agency which sets out to reform procurement practises throughout Australia to make it more fair for female-founded businesses.

Women With Agency is on a mission to become Australia’s first localised, female-founded business database easily accessible to private and public businesses who are eager to diversify their supplier registries and pitch lists. 

“From the many conversations I’ve been having, this is something every business and public sector wants but no one has built. So, I’m bringing the mountain to you,” says Brideson.

Women With Agency’s first step has been to collect national research around current gender-fair procurement initiatives as well as business attitudes and barriers to procuring female-founded suppliers.

“You don’t value what you don’t measure,” Brideson says, “And it’s time we measure the number and needs of female-founded business, specifically around what we can do to support them in their growth journeys,”

According to studies, only 1% of private and public procurement globally goes to female-founded business continually holding women back from fully participating and contributing to their industries and economies.

Women With Agency does not want to be confused with quotas as it is about giving women the opportunity to pitch for business under fairer procurement policies.

“The cinch is that it is an opportunity, not a given,” says Brideson, “We want women to get on the list but not get the business becauseshe’s a woman. You still need to be able to show you have the experience, the ability and the resources to pull off what is needed.”

Bec Brideson left a lucrative and lauded career as one of the first female Creative Directors in ad-land to start her own agency Venus Comms in 2004. Focused on the influential female consumer, Brideson hoped to see the same growth and success as her peers.

“I struggled for over 15 years to build business opportunities for myself in a very closed industry that wasn’t receptive, at the time, to female founders,” says Brideson.

Women With Agency’s initiative is something Bec Brideson wished she had when she first started out.

“We still have a long way to go and I want to speed that up so other women don’t have to close their doors or feel like it’s their fault they aren’t getting through the door.”


Melissa Kuttan

Comms Manager

Women With Agency

Bec Brideson