Why does Women With Agency exist? Do we even need it?

Women With Agency (WWA) came into being initially because our founder Bec Brideson noticed the huge discrepancy between male-founded creative businesses and female-founded creative agencies globally. While female CEOs and MDs of creative agencies are increasing slowly, women founding their own legacy enterprises and agencies continues to dwindle due often to the fact that they are unable to attain big business growth opportunities necessary to become the next BBDO, WPP or JWT.

However, upon further investigation, Bec Brideson became aware that this is an issue common to most industries where legacy businesses continue to maintain unparalleled success while the majority of female founded enterprises remain small or are forced to close their doors. In fact, a recent UN report found that women receive only 1% of private procurement and only 1% of public procurement globally.

WWA aims to help all female founders and their enterprises by levelling the playing field enough so they are given the same opportunities to attain the profits and resources necessary for continued growth. 

Getting onto pitch lists or procurement tenders for creative work or game-changing business contracts are notoriously difficult to land for smaller, independent enterprises and agencies, and are often restricted to the closed networks of the few ‘big guys’ who dominate the playing field.

Women With Agency is on a mission to change that.

Isn’t this just more quotas? That’s unfair to male-founded businesses, and the female founders who want to win business based on their skills and talent, not their gender.

These aren’t quotas. Nor is this about giving away business based upon a marginalised group or token attribute. 

This is about giving female-founded businesses the chance to win business and to continually grow their agency. 

WWA does not mean a female founded agency or enterprise will win the business - they still have to produce the work and ideas and meet the client’s criteria in order to win. We are aboutequal opportunity, not equal outcome. 

There must still be a demonstration of competence and skill and it is up to the client to choose who wins the work - not us.

Male-founded and run businesses can still count on being part of the pitch, and female-founded and run agencies and enterprises can still count on winning based on their skills and talent and fair procurement processes.talent.

I’m a female-founded business, how can I join up?

Go to our home page and click on the register button, give us your details (company, ownership, location size, expertise) and hit send! 

Don’t worry about getting it wrong, we’ll make sure to follow you up and let you know next steps.

Does joining up cost me anything?

If you’re a female-founded business,registration will - for now and always - be free. These lists and reform policies are here to help YOUmake more money and get more opportunities. Not us.

If you’re a business or brand ready to make the pledge,while there is no financial commitment to us for now – there is a significant commitment to working with the WWA in order to enable better procurement policies. 

Register for now, and we will let you know next steps very soon.

What qualifies me to be a Pledge?

There are three things we are currently looking for in Pledges:

1. You represent an Australian business corporate and/or brand with <200 staff, and revenues in excess of $10 million OR you are from an Australian government department.

2. You have a leader who is committed to leading this change within the business.

3. Your business is willing to work with the WWA to institute these processes and eventually gain full registration and Women with Agency supplier certification.

If you do not fit as a Pledge but are keen to support us or take on your own gender-smart procurement policies, do not hesitate to get in contact

We will be expanding the category soon to include other kinds of businesses and more geographic locations but would love to hear from you and how we can get you involved.

What qualifies me to be a Female Founded Business?

We are either looking for:

1. You are a business that was founded by 100% women. It does not need to be run by them.

2. You are a business that is 50% run by women who are in equal places of power with their male counterparts.

What exactly am I promising when I become a Pledge?

Your pledge shows your willingness to:

1. Commit to undertake new gender smart procurement practices

2. Include this pledge of governance in your policy and mission statements

3. Source women-owned agencies from the WWA list on each and every pitch and procurement list

4. Work with WWA to execute and apply these new procurement practises in your business

5. Continue to report, and comply with guidelines around new procurement practises

What can I expect as a Female Founded Registered Business?

You can expect action! Expect to be called, expect to be qualified and considered by brands you never imagined you’d work for.

And expect to pitch and respond to tenders! Start getting ready to work.

Does Women with Agency include all women?

Women with Agency uses an all-inclusive definition of women including trans-women and femme-identifying individuals. If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I don’t fit in as a Pledge or Female Founded Business but want to help and support WWA. How can I do so?

Get in touch , tell us how! We don’t bite and our arms are open.